Slim Fast Drops

One cup a day burns fat away, an effortless slimming journey

Untimely cravings have become a trend in today’s world. Every 2 in 5 adults is obese. Obesity leads to deadly diseases which can be avoided. Their solution? formulating a slimming formula with health-oriented ingredients to discourage hunger and encourage healthy diet habits. Sustainably packaged with a diet plan included that gives a thorough slimming journey to the users with amazing results.

The issues were vast regarding the trustability of users. Such supplements are prone to face criticism regarding their authenticity. The client wanted to fix trust issues among the audience. The website also lacked important features, unable to grab the attention of visitors.

  • Trust-issues among people
  • Limited brand awareness
  • Less conversion rate
  • High Ad Spend
  • Advertising restrictions
  • Compromised Creatives and content

The brand started working with us in March 2022. Their Return on Investment – ROI was less than their spending. On Ads spent 33%, they were making less than a million.

The one-product brand also faced challenges for its commitments regarding weight loss.

Our team critically analyzed the situation at hand and examined all aspects that the brand was lacking. The web design team thoroughly reimagined the website design, incorporating new creatives and content in new font styling that elevated the website for a clearer look.

After fixing the website, our next concern was to increase brand awareness and reduce trust issues among people. We uploaded PR videos on social media platforms to gain the trust of viewers. We also gained brand awareness from influencer marketing that readily increased brand visibility.

A thorough SEO audit highlighted several missing aspects that the SEO experts fixed with proper strategy. The widely used keywords were incorporated in web content that multiplied their web visitors.

The marketing approach was legendary enough using the Facebook Funnel strategy. We targeted the most appropriate audience starting from awareness to conversion.

  • UI/UX design on Website
  • Flawless SEO optimization
  • Improved creatives and content
  • Improvised Facebook Funnel Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Performance Marketing¬†
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Content & Creative
  • 10x greater visibility
  • 960% more sales
  • Less ad spend

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