Paradox London Pakistan

Paradox Pakistan brings in a grander vision, here to make your shoe dreams come true! OR Shop luxe, grandeur shoes with a spark of comfort. Since 1981!

From Flat shoes to heels, clutches & bags, Paradox has every type of shoe style and accessories for women. The quality and style, along with the comfort, everything is simply flawless. Founded in 1981, Paradox London began its operations in Pakistan in 2021, which was challenging but exciting.

The initial response was dull, the brand needed to devise a plan to attract customers. They had amazing policies but were lacking in a strategic marketing plan. The website was designed well but the SEO optimization and speed were lacking severely. The graphics were also bland so several changes in marketing planning and web design were required to enhance their sales.

New brand; lack of trust

Low website speed

The website lacked eye-grasping artwork

Nil SEO optimization

Less awareness among the masses

Lack of marketing strategy

After struggling for a few months, the brand started working with us in November 2022. Their return on investment (ROI) was very low and they were having trouble figuring out the problems in their strategies.

Their budget for ads was normal but the sales were drastically low. Although their return policy is quite appealing; with 3 months return time, even this policy couldn’t attract. The people were also reluctant because the prices were also high. So, things needed to be played differently to assure customers about the amazing quality of the products.

Our team carefully analyzed the list of problems on the website. Our experts carefully detected the issues in the artwork and speed of the website. Also, there was no attractive UI/UX design that our capable team fixed using the best website theme, according to the brand. They added interesting and attractive elements to the website with amazing eye-grasping graphics and animations.

After altering the website, came the need to fix SEO issues in the website. The SEO experts searched for the best-searched keywords and incorporated those in the content of the website. This also increased the number of visitors to the website, leading to an increase in sales.

The social media presence was also compromised with weak graphics and content. The creative team fixed the shortcomings with their expertise. Then began the mighty role of the expert marketing team.

The marketing team carefully analyzed the shortcomings in the advertisement techniques of the brand. Their previous marketing strategy notoriously lacked awareness campaigns which is the base of every marketing plan. Without creating awareness among the masses of your presence, no brand can reach ROI properly. The marketing team began with the awareness stage through social media, youtube, and google ads. The frequency of website visits increased. Afterward, the advertisement plan for conversion was incorporated, and the outcome was fascinating. The sales rate increased 10 times the previous ROI. This was made possible with the expertise and efficiency of each team member in our organization. 

  • Website design
  • Web content
  • UI/UX web design
  • Creative design and development
  • Social Media Management
  • Social advertisement
  • Performance marketing
  • Improved creative and content
  • strategically improvised Facebook funnel strategy
  • 233% increase in sales
  • 155% increase in brand awareness
  • 5% decrease in ad spent

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