100% Original Branded Cosmetics. Your trust is what we value the most!

Brandsville sells wholly genuine skincare products from all renowned skin brands. They have a wide range of effective skin products by the ordinary, Cetaphil, clinique, NYX, and many more global brands.

The client was facing challenges to assure people about their genuinity. The market is already filled with myriad stores that are selling skin care products of global brands. So, attracting customers to their store was a task that they needed help to cater to. 

The website was also designed on WordPress which is not friendly for eCommerce brands. In short, everything had to be altered to achieve sales.

Masses were not aware of the brand

Competition was high

Website created on WordPress; only displays web design

SEO optimization was compromised

The audience needed to be assured of the quality

The marketing strategy did not use the Facebook funnel strategy

The conversion was not up to the mark

They started working with us in June 2022. The products they were offering were all renowned and best-selling around the country. But, they were unable to grasp the market even though they had a genuine collection. The ROI (Return on Investment) was extremely compromised in comparison to the scope of their brand. The brand had high scope as the skin care products demand is forever increasing in this era of climate change and pollution.

The first blunder they made was designing their website on WordPress. The platform is suitable for display only. For e-commerce brands, the appropriate platform is Shopify. So our efficient experts developed a brand new website with amazing UI/UX design to attract visitors. The creatives and content used were also attention-grabbing and the content used included proper keywords for SEO optimization.

Following the development of the website, the task of SEO experts began. The team carefully searched for the best keywords to be used in the web content. The team then ran SEO optimization to allow Google to read out availability for the various products that the brand was selling. This increased the clicks on the website and became a factor to increase awareness among the masses. Afterward, the significant role of the marketing team began.

The previous marketing plan was not using the Facebook funnel strategy strategically. They lacked the basic idea of the marketing plan and the way sales could be increased. The planning starts from awareness leading to conversion. Our marketing team carefully analyzed the strategic tricks to attract potential consumers. The team began with awareness campaigns to increase the brand’s visibility among people. After increasing visibility, the team began the step of conversion campaigns to increase ROI by multiplying sales. The response was huge as the products were genuine and people started to trust the brand. The sales increased amazingly with fewer ads spent. With the expertise of our whole staff, we were able to achieve amazing and promising results in the minimum possible time.

  • Website development at Shopify
  • Web content according to SEO keywords
  • UI/UX web creation
  • Eye-grasping graphics
  • Social media marketing
  • social media advertisement
  • digital marketing
  • facebook funnel strategy for conversion
  • 1796% increase in sales
  • 37.5% decrease in Ads spent

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